Shooting, Directing and Producing in 360° Video

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$10 production member
$65 nonmember

This workshop will serve as an introduction to creating for the 360 video format. 360 video production has similarities to regular video production but there are numerous new hurdles that must be accommodated to create a good immersive experience. Participants will be introduced to various production workflows and have a chance to try various cameras and see the results. Once participants are familiar with the process, we will produce a 360 video from start to finish for everyone to understand how the process works and how they can evolve it for their own projects. Processes introduced will be stitching, motion graphics, tripod removal, and stabilization. Cameras available will include Insta360, Ricoh, Nikon, Samsung, and Xioami.

  • maximum capacity: 6
  • 3 hours of instruction

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The Toronto Media Arts Centre (2nd floor)
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