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Charles Street Video offers a diverse inventory of media art production and presentation gear to it's members.

Bookings, Pick-up & Drop-off
Our self-serve equipment booking system has been suspending because we are transitioning to a new booking system.  
Bookings for mobile equipment may be confirmed by emailing  Send a list a equipment you want to book based on what is listed on Mobile Equipment page. All booking are on a first-come-first-served basis. 

In light of new provincial regulations related to re-opening businesses in the face of Covid-19, CSV will require proof-of-vaccination or a valid exemption from vaccine on official medical officer's letterhead for any activity inside the facility that requires a sustained* amount of time, including:

• testing gear on-site;
• in-house editing, or sound recording;
• attending in-person workshops, panels, or tech sessions
• attending art-related events, including talks, openings, art-viewing, etc.

The facility will continue to adhere to mask-wearing protocols and social distancing, which will limit the number of people inside the facility to no more than 6 at a time, including staff members. We will continue to release and receive rental gear on an appointment-only basis.

Proof-of-vaccination means allowing us to see digital or paper copies of your Ministry of Health vaccination receipts that show your second Covid-19 vaccination occurred at least two weeks prior, together with valid photo-ID. (The MoH receipts will be replaced starting October 22 by MoH-issued QR codes.)

We will update these protocols as the provincial and municipal health authorities advise. Our goal is to provide a safe work environment for our employees and members, and to adhere to Covid-19 requirements set by the City of Toronto and the province.

*sustained means anything more than transacting equipment pick-up or return, and not including testing, reviewing gear for problems, etc.


Rental Policy

You are welcome to provide anonymous feedback to the CSV rental department to help us improve our services. To do this fill out this brief rental feedback form. Thanks!

All mobile equipment is rented C.O.D. Rates stated below are daily. Discounts may apply.

If you do not cancel your booking of mobile equipment in sufficient time or with sufficient notice, we are obliged to charge a cancellation fee.

Weeks are charged as 4 days (1st day p/u after 2 p.m.; last day return before noon). Weekends are charged as 1.5 days.

For insurance and security, CSV rents mobile gear to members only. We regret that we are unable to make exceptions.

Payment / Insurance

Without exception, mobile equipment is rented on a C.O.D. basis. All bookings must be paid before the equipment leaves Charles Street Video premises. Rates are determined by the office according to the type of production being shot. See the Rate Structure page for details. Discounts are available for multiple-day rentals. Please see the Mobile Equipment Rates page.

Members renting mobile equipment are responsible for the entire replacement cost of gear, or in the event of our making a related, successful insurance claim, the insurance deductible amount (currently $2,500) in instances of loss, damage, theft or other eventuality. Note that we may or may not be able to make an insurance claim, depending on the circumstances, the replacement cost of the gear, etc. Our equipment insurance coverage is valid for shoots undertaken in North America. Members planning to utilize the equipment outside of this area must provide proof of insurance, naming Charles Street Video as the equipment owner, with an insured amount equal to the replacement value of the equipment rented. Please contact the office for details.

3rd-Party Gear Insurance
CSV rents a portion of its equipment inventory on a consignment basis. Renting certain of these items may require you to acquire an insurance certificate that names the gear-owner and specifies the replacement value of the item(s) rented.

Late Return Penalty
Members who return equipment late on the drop-off day, as outlined above, are subject to a penalty fine of 60% of an additional day's booking. The member will be charged full rates plus 25% if the equipment is returned more than one day late; the member furthermore may be ineligible to rent mobile equipment for a penalty period of three months. Fines must be paid prior to future rentals.

Repeated violations will result in revocation of the member's right to rent mobile equipment.

CSV must receive one week's notice for camera cancellations
, or a one-day cancellation fee will be levied. Cancellation notice for all other mobile equipment is 2 business days. It is your responsibility to cancel with sufficient notice in the event of a weekend or holiday. For example, a Tuesday booking must be cancelled by the previous Thursday to avoid a charge.

Lights are rented with working bulbs. To avoid incurring a replacement charge, burned out bulbs must be returned to CSV.

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