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CSV events are usually free and include screenings, artist talks, and parties! Come check us out and meet other independent media artists at our upcoming events. 

With oyster shucking and media art screenings, Video Chucks are hosted by CSV once every quarter. They're opportunities to bring our community together, socialize, network, and highlight our members' work. If you would like to showcase your work at one of our upcoming Video Chucks, please email:

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Screening + Party

“i am happy here, now”:

Sat 15 December 2018 5 - 7 pm
Exhibition Times - 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday from December 4 to  December 14 Closing Party - 5pm to 7pm on Saturday, December 15. Resilience, strength, and the determination to make things better mark the stories of “i am happy here, now”. As a culmination of Media Art for Newcomer Youth (MANY), the exhibition presents the independent works of nine newcomer youth from Nigeria, Sudan, Syria, and Iraq. In these projects, youth explore how they negotiate their sense of self during a time of rapid change, adolescence and (re)settlement. MANY is a five-month pilot program of the Arab Community Centre of Toronto and Charles Street Video. It reduced barriers to media art creation, supported youth through tailored workshops and one-on-one mentoring by culturally affiliated artists, and worked towards promoting the capabilities that youth value. This project is supported through Toronto Arts Council Strategic Funding. Youth Bayan Abdelkarim Chioma Okogbue Jesse West Majd Alsheblaq Mary Osuiwu Pelumi Kehinde Reem Zeyada Temy Ibikunle Zahraa Wohaib Artist Mentors Ebti Nabag Jawa El Khash Daniel Ousta Jabbour Program Coordinator: Kasia Knap

Holiday Video Chuck!

Wed 12 December 2018 6:30 - 10 pm
'Tis the season for CSV's HOLIDAY VIDEO CHUCK ('n shuck)! Bring your friends, family, or cat and enjoy an evening of snacks, drinks and good hearted frivolity. Members are invited to bring along short film, video and interactive work to showcase. Video Chuck is a chance to bring together our community, socialize, network, and highlight CSV members' work.

'Art Thieves' Installation

Fri 10 August 2018 12 - 6 pm
Charles Street Video presents Art Thieves Video Installation by CSV member Gunilla Josephson TMAC Toronto Media Arts Centre, 32 Lisgar Street, 2d floor [Dovercourt and Queen], along side the SummerWorks Performance Festival 2018.   Gallery Hours: Friday Aug 10th 12pm-6 pm Saturday Aug 11th 12-6pm Sunday Aug 12th 12-6pm Monday Aug 13th 12-9pm Tuesday Aug 14th 12-9pm Wedn Aug 15th 12-9pm Thursday Aug 16th 12-6pm Friday Aug 17th 12-6pm Saturday Aug 18th 12-6pm Monday Aug 21st 12-5pm Tuesday Aug 22nd 12-5pm Wedn Aug 23rd 12-5pm Thursday Aug 24th 12-5pm Friday Aug 25th 12-5 pm Saturday Aug 27th 12-6pm Art Thieves 18 minutes. Stereo mix Concept, production Gunilla Josephson Performers Anna-Lena Johansson, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay Camera Lewis DeSoto Gunilla Josephson casts a critical eye on the orthodox consensus that looking at art is good for you but that only some people know what art is and is not. A couple of art specialists arrive in the late baroque melancholy of a semi-abandoned art museum somewhere in France. They set up camp in the museum, catch fish from the windows, have dinner with a bird and proceed to examine the collection. Using a variety of peculiar instruments they measure, dissect, excavate and interfere with the art. Amongst the gilded frames and forlorn second-rate art collection a small museum guard with a very large dog wanders by, somebody cycles through the galleries, a voyeur stalks and peeps, an employee sweeps, while floors creak, doors open and close, somebody sings and the art transforms. Who are the Art Thieves? What is their task? Were they sent? By whom? What are they doing with such determination? Are they there to expose the hidden internal assumptions and contradictions and to unsettle/sabotage the apparent significance and unity of an art institution? Are they saboteurs? Art specialists? Artists, or curators? A Case of Life Imitating Art. Shortly after Art Thieves was filmed with permission February 3-5. 2007 at an art museum (anonymous) in Normandy, France, I got the news that the Director of the gallery had been fired and charged with art theft. Consequently I was asked to withdraw the video scheduled for a solo exhibition of the video for Festival les Boréales in Caen, Normandy, opening November 21, 2008. As a result the show features instead a printed series of a Wanted Poster for the lost Art Thieves (video), designed by PARK STUDIO in London, UK, Artist Statement My approach to moving image incorporates the aesthetics of painting/sculpture and the conventions of film style, while pushing the boundaries of both. I am interested in the intersection between structure and chaos within the realm of video as a form of media art. Juxtapositions such as: order and disorder, the planned versus the improvised, as well as the relationship between the performer and the amateur. My work within and outside of these intersections transcends the boundaries and rules governing how moving images are meant to be viewed. This subversion behaves as a visual language that further enhances the meaning of the work for the viewer, once it is decoded. From the actions of the performers, through my own use of the video camera, as well as the editing process, I am working to disrupt norms. My aim is to challenge systems, actively resist the tyranny of orthodoxy and have my work serve as a commentary on this process. In the production and post-production process, I work in a way that exploits unbridled emotion and marries it to abstraction. I challenge the accepted conventions of art as an entertainment that is well-behaved. Artist Biography Gunilla Josephson is a Swedish artist who lives and works in Toronto since 1993. She has a BA in Social Science from Stockholm University and a MFA in 1986 from The University of Fine Arts and Design.  Josephson’s videos have been featured in MEETINGS - Video and Performance Festival 2017, Jutland, Denmark; in VOICES: Artists on Art, Harbourfront Galleries, Toronto; at Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art [solo]; Rodman Hall art Centre [solo] in Saint Catherines, Ontario, at Ryerson Centre, Toronto, at SAW Video in Ottawa,; at The Winnipeg Art Gallery, at MSVU Art Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia; in the video screening series ‘Canadian Experimental Films & Videos of the 1990’s’; highlighted in The UK/Canada Video Exchange at South London Art Gallery, London, UK; at the Hull Centre for Time-Based Art; at LUX Cinema, London, UK, at The Stuttgarter Winterfest; The Kassel Dokumentarfilm & Videofest, Germany, 2001; International Short Film Festival Oberhausen [Awarded the Festival Prize]; at Toronto Images Festival, Toronto in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2009; in Canadian Currents at the Goethe Institute, Toronto; The Independents, Cinematheque Ontario; at Video Inn, Vancouver; Cinematographe Montreal; Video Archaeology Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, Moderna and Femmedia-International Film and Video Festival, both in Stockholm, Sweden.
Artist Talk

Ambisonics for Facebook and YouTube

Thu 26 July 2018 7 - 9 pm
Description This workshop explores how we can create soundscapes for headphones that give the impression of space, or what we typically understand to be surround sound. However we will go one step further and learn how to generate these soundscapes for use on Facebook and YouTube, both of which support this with the intention of being used in virtual reality. Why Attend You are looking to learn more about ambisonics but don’t know where to begin You have researched this topic in the past but never found any information in the English language, readable by humans. You understand ambisonics but know nothing about how they fit in with Facebook and YouTube Who Should Attend Artists in the areas of sound and video. Field recording enthusiasts. People who enjoy acquiring new skills and have no attachment to where these new ideas will take them in life. What’s Going to Happen Soundhacker Elliott will be dividing the session up into two sections. The first half will deal with the Ambisonics, specifically in the audio editor Reaper, which is available for free. The second half of the session will then move over to the Facebook Spatial Workstation, as well as a look at YouTube’s support for this technology. This workshop will cover: Working with 360 degree sources of audio Synthesizing your own 360 degree soundscapes using mono sounds Encoding and Decoding Facebook Spatial Workstation and YouTube’s support for Ambisonics It is recommended attendees bring their laptops to work along. Installing Reaper ahead of time is a good idea, and more specific instructions will be sent the week of the workshop. Bonus: Attendees of this workshop will receive a concise eBook summarizing all the information after the event. This will be available to non-attendees for the price of $10. About the presenter: Elliott Fienberg is a sound artist and composer who has been organizing the Soundhackers meetup for over four years. His most recent project was producing the music and sound design for Orphan Black: The Game. Price of the workshop: $12 early bird (goes up to $15 on July 1st) Limited to 20 attendees Tickets available here!
Screening + Party

Video Chuck: Summer Fun @ TMAC

Wed 18 July 2018 6:30 - 9:30 pm
Video Chuck is a chance to bring together our community, socialize, network, and highlight CSV members' work.
Artist Talk + Party

Share Tech: 360 Cameras

Wed 27 June 2018 6:30 - 9:30 pm
Share Tech events are themed evenings that focus on sharing knowledge and offering a brief overview of some of the most relevant gear to contemporary media art production.
Meeting + Artist Talk

Sound Hackers Meetup!

Wed 30 May 2018 7 - 9:30 pm
Turn ANYTHING into an Electronic Musical Instrument.
Meeting + Artist Talk


Sat 28 April 2018 10 am - 5 pm
How do we take the idea of an archive, and its difficult, racist, exclusionary history, and turn it around? How can it become an opportunity where our personal and political histories shine in all their complexities? Re:collections brings Indigenous artists and artists of colour to share how their work engages, re-frames and re-defines the archive. Whether the archive is a collection in a formal memory institution or a recently dusted off basement find. Re:collecitons is made in partnership with Charles Street Video and Toronto Media Arts Centre.  Join us at Re:collections for discussions on archiving and counter-archiving. Saturday April 28th, 2018 at the Toronto Media Arts Centre (32 Lisgar Street) FREE ADMISSION, CHILDCARE and LUNCH provided Register Here This more about the Home Made Visible (HMV) Project here
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