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News06 August 2020

CSV COVID Curbside Equipment Rental Procedures

The best way to mitigate risk of exposure to the COVID virus is to limit the number of people within our facility at any given time. To assist with this, and when appropriate, CSV will accommodate a “remote” gear-prep option, where members prep gear at an off-site space. The remote option will likely result in longer prep time, with an attendant need to travel back and forth to the remote location as equipment is added, dropped, and/or exchanged. CSV recommends that remote preps be undertaken 48 hours prior to the shoot date, so that equipment-adds and exchanges can be coordinated with CSV the day before shooting begins. For returns, members are also encouraged to do equipment “check-ins” remotely. Once checked remotely by members, CSV staff will perform our standard check-in procedures. On-site Equipment Pickup and Drop Off Procedures CSV is transitioning to a new booking system, so our on-line, self-serve system is temporarily unavailable. To book equipment, please send an email to with the requested equipment listed. A CSV staff member will then book the equipment and confirm the pick-up time. CSV staff members will arrange a pre-prep call or discussion with equipment-renting members in order to best accommodate their needs and to minimize equipment changes during the prep. CSV staff members will determine when members pick up and return equipment. Staggered pick-ups and returns will be scheduled over the course of a day to accommodate physical distancing and minimize contact between unrelated parties. Members must arrive at the scheduled equipment pick-up and return times. These times may differ from our usual pick-up and return times. Contracts and invoices must be prepared and signed before members arrive to pick up equipment. Rental fees must be paid prior to your scheduled equipment pick-up time. Together with their invoices, Paypal requests for payment will be sent to members. We are unable to accept payments on-site. In anticipation of the equipment pick-up, all members will receive an outline of our in-hours COVID safety policy and appropriate links. Members are expected to familiarize themselves with proper disinfecting procedures as well as guidelines on proper use of PPE. Member should also familiarize themselves with the Film and Television Health and Safety Advisory published by the Government of Ontario: S21-Film-Television-COVID19-Guidance-June.25.20.pdf Please note that additional time may be needed both for your production team and our employees, due to the necessity to follow public health-safety practices. Curb Side Pickup All equipment will have been sanitized prior to pick-up, and will be labelled accordingly. Members will not be permitted to use washrooms at TMAC during their equipment pick-up and return. Members generally are discouraged from entering the building. Staff members will wear a mask and gloves, and deliver equipment outside the side door. If a member requires an indoor space to check equipment, they may do so within the side entrance of TMAC, upon giving prior notice. Members will be required to wear a mask, avoid touching interior surfaces, and sanitize any surface they do touch. Only one person at a time may come inside. This person will be confined to the entrance area and will not be permitted on the TMAC elevator or ascend the stairs to the second floor. Staff will provide sanitizer, hand sanitizers, and masks if required. All members and guests entering the side door to check equipment must sign in and provide their email and phone number for possible contract-tracing purposes. We encourage CSV staff members and members generally to attend and adhere to any posted signage at the facility. Members are required to maintain a minimum six-foot distance from others while checking the equipment. Floor markings will indicate the required physical distancing. If members find missing or broken parts while they are checking equipment, they should call the CSV office. Someone will come down and help them to address the issue.   The member will be responsible to “case out” all of the equipment upon completion of their check, and prepare for the load-out without the assistance of CSV staff.   CSV staff members will not enter the side-entrance prep area while the member is on-site unless there is an equipment issue that may only be resolved with their direct involvement. In this situation, social distancing must be maintained.   Staff Equipment Sanitization Protocols Obviously it is important that CSV rental equipment is kept free of the COVID virus. Current research suggests that alcohol-based sanitizer will deactivate the COVID virus (CSV is using 80 proof Ethyl Alcohol sanitizer). The virus also cannot remain active on surfaces (hard or soft) for more than 3 days. To this end, the following procedures must be followed: All equipment must have a label indicating the last time/ date it was touched. If anyone touches the equipment, the label must be changed indicating the date and time it was touched. When a member phones the CSV office with equipment returned to the side door, a staff member wearing a mask, gloves will come down to receive the gear. ( Staff members will take all the equipment directly to the CSV gallery, and will undertake the standard check-in procedures. Equipment will be labelled the following way: Checked and Complete, or Checked and Incomplete/ Damaged (ensuring that Incomplete/ Damaged equipment is addressed in the usual way); Handling date. Whenever possible, equipment will be left in the CSV gallery for three days prior to any subsequent booking. To the extent possible, hallways, elevators, and entrances will be cleared when outside equipment is being brought in so that social distancing can be adhered to. Exchanges will be placed in a designated area. Drops from equipment lists will be removed from the contract, and returned to the CSV gallery. When the prep is complete and the equipment has left the building, CSV staff should fully clean and sanitize the space where the check-out occurred. This includes using disinfectant wipes or solutions to clean surfaces, doorknobs, elevator buttons, cart handles, etc. CSV staff members should follow the defined sanitization guidelines when disinfecting surfaces: factsheet-covid-19-environmental-cleaning.pdf
News22 January 2016

New Membership Structure

With growing interest in our workshops we have decided to offer a few new membership levels. Check out the options below.  Production Membership: $150* ($125 for renewal) Production Membership for Student/Seniors: $75 ($50 on renewal)* Our production membership provides access to equipment rentals, editing stations, space rentals, a reduced rate on workshops, and production and screening opportunities through our Maker Space and Video Chuck programs. A currently valid student card is necessary to receive the Student discount. A drivers licence or seniors card is necessary to receive the Seniors discount. (To qualify for the seniors discount, you must be age 65 or older.) Workshop Membership: $170* Enjoy unlimited access to workshops for 12 months with this annual membership rate (less than $15/month!)** All-in-Membership (Workshop + Production): $220* All-in-Membership for Student/Seniors: $120* Get the perks of both our production membership and workshop membership with this great option. Indigenous Production Membership: FREE Our Indigenous production membership provides access to equipment rentals, editing stations, space rentals, a reduced rate on workshops, and production and screening opportunities through our Maker Space and Video Chuck programs. *plus HST – Note that your fee may be tax-deductible as a “professional association” fee. ** Unlimited workshop access is restricted to scheduled workshops only. On demand and one-on-one workshops are not included.
News23 January 2015

Meet Nakisha

Sketch Community Artist Meet our newest CSV artist. Nakisha is doing a placement at CSV through Sketch's community artist program. She is here Fridays from Jan-June 2015. Be sure to say hello!
News09 December 2014

CSV On The Move

Toronto Media Arts Cluster TMAC CSV is helping to create its future location; a new Queen W arts facility.
News21 May 2013

Ross Turnbull busy on location of his film Termina

Our very own Charles Street Video staffer Ross Turnbull is busy making a new film Terminal Device. We have exclusive photos of the cast and crew on location!
News20 May 2013

CSV Board and Staff Planning the Future!

These are pictures of the CSV staff and board planning our next five years. Big things are in the works at Charles Street Video, including the move to new digs. CSV staff and board have been working like hamsters in a wheel to make the upcoming shifts as smooth and as helpful for our existing members as possible. We’ve also been looking at ways to expand the member base to include more of Toronto’s independent media arts and filmmaking community than ever before. Remember Charles Street Video is about YOU – the artist. All of these changes are designed to make CSV stronger and to expand the help we give this community. Track along with us as we plan and navigate these changes and chip in your feedback when you have it. It’s going to be fabulous!
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