Rentals: Edit Rooms

Our two editing rooms are available for member use on a first-come-first-served basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, save for times reserved by the facility.  Bookings may be made online, by phone or in person. Charges for the editing stations are hourly. Speak with a manager if you require an editing station for a sustained period of time, as we may be able to offer a discount.

If you require the services of an in-house editor, please contact the office.

Editors are strongly encouraged to bring their own, external hard-drive(s) for use with any of our editing stations. We can provide assistance for connecting the drive(s) during business hours.

Please inquire with the office if you plan to use CSV's drives and want to retain your material on them for a period of time. The facility is occasionally required to restrict the volume of hard drive space you may be assigned, depending on availability. Note that CSV is not responsible for any material whatsoever held on its drives, nor is the facility liable for loss of this material, however caused.

Drives designated as "Temporary" are subject to erasure without notice.

Working with an Editor
We recommend you discuss your project in advance with your editor, whether you use our in-house editing service or a freelance editor. This is necessary to confirm the preparatory steps required prior to your session, particularly for on-line editing.

In-House Editor Service
Charles Street Video offers in-house editing services for picture and sound. The service is intended for small, short-term projects, orientations and/or for members who need assistance for a particular component of their project. All bookings for the In-House Editing service must be made through the office.

Hiring a Freelance Editor/ Operator
Charles Street Video maintains an Experienced Technicians list of freelance operators for audio, video and mobile production. Members working with a freelancer are responsible for the room rental, all operator fees, terms of payment, scheduling, etc. When hiring non-member freelance operators to work outside of CSV office hours, the member must arrange after-hours access, including a key and an alarm code. The member should accompany the freelancer at all times. The member also must have made proper booking and billing arrangements. Note: Charles Street Video is not responsible for errors, omissions or difficulties due to inexperience on the part of the operator, nor can the facility be held liable for the non-payment of fees by the engager, aborted sessions or any other problem whatsoever, short of properly documented, technical failure of CSV owned equipment.

A cancellation fee will be levied if an editing room cancellation is not received two business days prior to the scheduled booking. The fee is the rental fee or $20, whichever is less.  If a member fails to arrive for their scheduled booking within one hour after the booking was scheduled to begin, the reservation will be cancelled, a fee levied and the room may be made available to other members. Waiving of any user charges is at the discretion of Charles Street Video.

It is your responsibility to cancel with sufficient notice if there is a holiday. For example, if the Monday in any given week is a holiday, a Wednesday booking must be canceled the previous Friday, .

In case of equipment failure or software problems (bugs, crashes, etc.), editing time charges will be waived if the problem is reported and confirmed by the office as a genuine technical failure or software problem AND  the member / user ceases the session.

Technical or software problems arising from user error or lack of knowledge cannot be considered technical failures. If the user ceased working, he/she still may be liable for the room rental or cancellation fee. The onus is on the user to have the necessary operational knowledge of the equipment and to consult available manuals before terminating a booking. If in doubt, an orientation for general information or on specific functions may be booked prior to the edit session (during office hours). Please consult the office regarding in-house orientations and workshops.

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