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Residencies & Commissions:  In addition to our training seminars and workshops, CSV occasionally offers opportunities to work at the facility as a resident-artist or to produce commissioned work. We often link our residency and commissioning programs to local exhibitions or media art festivals.

Resident and commissioned artists are generally selected by peer assessment committees in open competitions. Further information is available on our website. We welcome new opportunities to collaborate with festivals and other exhibition/art organizations. Contact us if you are interested in discussing a partnership.

Youth & Community Programs:  
CSV offers a wide range of support to youth groups and community organizations interested in engaging in a media art or film production program. We specialize in curriculum development, technical support, and facilitator training/mentorship. With our expertise in professional digital cinema equipment and arts education we work with our partner organizations to create innovative community-based programming.

CSV accepts ongoing submissions from interested groups to work with us as youth and community partners. We are always eager to build new relationships and develop new programs, and we would love to work with you and support your community-based media art work.

Maker Space: CSV welcomes artists, collectives, and curators interested in promoting dialogue and experimentation about media art. Through our maker space program we are facilitating an open door opportunity to engage with our space and resources.

Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis. We are interested in supporting projects with a focus on media art (creation, discussion, and exploration), creating collective artistic spaces, and experimental/dialogical work.

We will give preference to projects that work in and animate our space such as community based media programs, exhibitions, and others. We encourage artists from traditionally marginalized groups to apply. If you have questions or would like to discuss a project idea please email

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Maker Space Project2024

Moonquake - Residency/Performances

with Laura Margaret Ramsey and Dan Tapper
Moonquake is an installation/experience mapping realtime, historical and imagined seismic data from the moon.
Maker Space Project2020

360° Video Projection Cylinder Project

 A 360° Video Projection Cylinder is a modern variation on an ancient form of presentation, the cyclorama, which began with paintings that completely surrounded the viewer, then photographs and now video. 360° VPCs are an alternative to VR headsets. A VPC allows multiple people to share an immersive visual experience. And, VPCs don’t have the hygiene issues of sharing headsets in a gallery.  Artists William Perry and Ilze Briede are builiding and prototyping this cylinder in the CSV gallery. About the Artists Ilze Briede (artist name Kavi): Toronto based digital media artist and a creative specializing in video projection and installation art. For Kavi video projection is a hybrid between machine-made data and physical encounter in the form of light, occupying a unique durational moment in the space amongst the human subject and the material object. Kavi is interested in projected light as a means to influence our visual perception models, resulting in newly defined and reimagined realities. Besides working as an educator and workshop instructor, Kavi also creates time-based installation pieces, does live VJing for electronic music events and enjoys collaborative projects. She has previously worked with Fashion Art Toronto, Kensington Market Art Faire, Toronto Burlesque Festival, Toronto Sidewalklabs, and multiple music venues across Toronto. Kavi is a recent graduate from York University with an MFA degree in Visual Arts. Bill Perry pioneering documentary photographer, prolific videotex artist and independent (print) publisher. Bill Perry is the founder or co-founder of numerous art organizations/projects including Starside Softworks, Telidon at Trinity Square Video, Toronto Community Videotex (aka Inter/Access), Videopage, Wm. Perry: Digital Text Services, Meaford Business News, The Colour Workshop, Meaford Dollars, Comedia, The Copy Chai and The Friday Cafe. Bill has published several books, including the best-selling “Be Nice In 60 Languages” and the better selling “Be Rude In 60 Languages”.
Maker Space Project2019

POC Writers Circle

March to December 2019 Led by Maya Annik Bedward, this is a monthly creative writing circle for women-identifying filmmakers of colour. This group would be open to emerging and mid-career screenwriters/directors, who work in documentary, experimental and fiction film. The purpose of is to provide a safe and supportive space for the creative exploration of projects that are still in early stages of development.
Maker Space Project2019

SNAP! Film Program

July to August 2019 SNAP! Film Program is led by Keisha James in partnership with VIBE Arts. Six to eight marginalized youth will undergo a four-week program covering basic DSLR and lighting equipment use, scriptwriting/storyboarding, and editing. These sessions will take place at Charles Street Video, and will be providing in kind lighting gear, as well as laptops with Adobe Premiere.
Maker Space Project2019

Stop Making Sense / Sense Making

Stop Making Sense / Sense Making, a collaboration between SKETCH, CFMDC and Charles Street Video, is a 10 week workshop series for youth on the margins to interact with film, media, and technology and create works to be exhibited in August 2019. The workshops are a makerspace for those who want to explore the absurdity of our senses. The theme is underscored by experiential learning and knowledge that participants will be able to gain knowledge by doing. The workshops begin at the end of May and run until the beginning of August, with a culminating exhibition August 20th - September 1st 2019. Charles Street provided memberships and equipment.
Maker Space Project2019

Soundtography (The Dabke Collective)

April to June 2019 Soundtography is a collaborative artistic project using sound imprints to map out the migration and displacement journey of a group of Toronto based artists who self-identify as women, through a series of 10 collaborative, reflective and meditative workshops. Charles Street Video is providing space and gear for this project, and in kind memberships.
Maker Space Project2019

AMY Project

January – May 2019 AMY (Artists Mentoring Youth) Project's Film Program is an initiative that gives AMY theatre artists the tools to explore visual storytelling. Each participant has the opportunity to write and direct a short film based on a piece of poetry of their own. 3 short films have been produced including: "a prophecy of red" by nevada jane arlow, "feel real" by Jun Alma'ra, and "Full Circle" by Laya Mendizabal
Maker Space Project2019

QTBIPOC Screenwriting Circle

June - December 2019 A newly formed group that will meet once a month to create a space for QTBIPOC filmmakers to feel safe enough to share about screenwriting works, practices, and give each other deadlines and feedback. This group will be using the CSV classroom.
Maker Space Project2019

Hair Scarf

June to September 2019 Charles Street Video is providing production support, including 5 days of editing with technical support, 2-3 weeks of exhibition space including support with installation, and a production workflow consultation to artists Monica Mak and Shiva Shoeybi.  
Maker Space Project2019

Thom Vernon’s Writers Circle

July 2016 to present Writers’ Circle TO is a unique and safe workshop environment designed to be accessible to creative writers: screenwriters, fiction and nonfiction writers, poets and others (1 person shows, memoirists, etc.). Participation is by invitation only. CSV provides its classroom space for this on-going series of workshops.
Maker Space Project2019

Colour Theory Short Film Night

July 13, 2019 The Colour Theory Shorts Night is an event that has one purpose: to celebrate the work of queer/trans BIPOC filmmakers in an unintimidating, non-industry, non-film festival environment. This year, CSV is partnering with the collective, providing in kind classroom rental and screening support.
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