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The craft of psychology and being a master filmmaker - with Curt Jaimungal

Wed 5 October 2016
6 - 9 pm

How can you earn a living making films? You feel overwhelmed with a hundred things to do, so where do you find the time to make the films you love, for a change? From getting funded to getting sold, Curt Jaimungal of indiefilmTO takes you through the entire production and promotion process, step-by-step, with exact action takeaways so you can finally create the films you want, within weeks.

Hailed as The Filmmaker's Filmmaker, Curt Jaimungal is the founder and director of indiefilmTO, a non-profit organization assisting indie filmmakers all across Toronto. A director himself, Curt understands the challenges of filmmaking all too well; his ambition and generosity have led him to inspire over 1,700 filmmakers to turn their struggles into success.

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