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Artist Talk

Ambisonics for Facebook and YouTube

In collaboration with Soundhackers!

Thu 26 July 2018
7 - 9 pm

This workshop explores how we can create soundscapes for headphones that give the impression of space, or what we typically understand to be surround sound. However we will go one step further and learn how to generate these soundscapes for use on Facebook and YouTube, both of which support this with the intention of being used in virtual reality.

Why Attend
You are looking to learn more about ambisonics but don’t know where to begin
You have researched this topic in the past but never found any information in the English language, readable by humans.
You understand ambisonics but know nothing about how they fit in with Facebook and YouTube

Who Should Attend
Artists in the areas of sound and video. Field recording enthusiasts. People who enjoy acquiring new skills and have no attachment to where these new ideas will take them in life.

What’s Going to Happen

Soundhacker Elliott will be dividing the session up into two sections. The first half will deal with the Ambisonics, specifically in the audio editor Reaper, which is available for free. The second half of the session will then move over to the Facebook Spatial Workstation, as well as a look at YouTube’s support for this technology.

This workshop will cover:

Working with 360 degree sources of audio
Synthesizing your own 360 degree soundscapes using mono sounds
Encoding and Decoding
Facebook Spatial Workstation and YouTube’s support for Ambisonics
It is recommended attendees bring their laptops to work along. Installing Reaper ahead of time is a good idea, and more specific instructions will be sent the week of the workshop.

Bonus: Attendees of this workshop will receive a concise eBook summarizing all the information after the event. This will be available to non-attendees for the price of $10.

About the presenter:
Elliott Fienberg is a sound artist and composer who has been organizing the Soundhackers meetup for over four years. His most recent project was producing the music and sound design for Orphan Black: The Game.

Price of the workshop:
$12 early bird (goes up to $15 on July 1st)
Limited to 20 attendees

Tickets available here!

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