We will miss you Nancy Paterson

CSV is greatly saddened to announce that Nancy Paterson, our Facilities Co-ordinator since 1987, died yesterday, November 28th. Nancy had been ill with cancer for several years. Her care was undertaken by the oncology team at Sunnybrook Hospital. Nancy was 61.

Nancy saw CSV through many iterations. She was a staunch and committed supporter of media artists, artist-run culture and the capacity of centres like ours to make a difference in artists’ ability to create work. Nancy was also associated with ARC, an artist-run gallery that in the 1980's was located on Queen Street West, and with InterAccess, which remains one of Toronto’s premiere non-profits dedicated to new media work. She taught for many years at OCAD, and achieved her PhD in Communications and Culture from York University. Nancy’s art practise was inflected with a concern for video in installation contexts, new technologies, and the internet. Among her best known works was Stock Market Skirt, a piece that tracked ups and downs in the stock market index by triggering a rise or fall in the length of a skirt hemline.

Nancy was a familiar face to many CSV members whose initial introduction to the facility was an interview with her. She was friendly and welcoming, often calling people “Handsome” or “Girl” in a way that couldn’t be taken as anything other than affectionate and playful. We will miss her.

CSV 29 November 2018

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