Curated by Greg Woodbury & Chris Gehman

Fear Factory is a two-part collaboration between Charles Street Video and the Images Festival, in which artists will consider what makes us afraid, and what fear makes of us. The first component is this curated program, which investigates several facets of the phenomenon of fear. The second component will be a program of brand-new, commissioned videos produced through Charles Street Video residency, and premiering at the 2004 Images Festival. Tranz-Tech Link

Programmed in 2003

The Numerology of FearThe Numerology of Fear
curated in the CSV/Images Fear Factory program
by Janine Marchessault

(2004, 17 min - Unknown Medium)

Pellet Pellet
curated in the CSV/Images Fear Factory Program
by Sayaka Kai & Kazushi Kobayashi

(2001, 17 min - Unknown Medium)

The Bachar Tapes (English Version)
by Walid Ra'ad & Souheil Bachar

(2001, 16 min - Unknown Medium)

Terror, Iraq, WeaponsTerror, Iraq, Weapons
curated for the CSV/Images Fear Factory program
by Mike Nourse

(2000, 3 min - Unknown Medium)
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