Steven Whalley Residency

About the Project:
Thinking through images as space: Marks made and left in physical and virtual places.

How does inhabited space start to frame imagination and perspective as image and abode? Where does external image merge with internal realities?

Thinking in images reveals mimetic tendencies in translating imagination and experience into image and space. Using hand drawn image, animation and 3 D projection mapping, Steven Whalley intends to use the Charles St. facilities as a test ground for mapping constructed experiences with physical space and material investigation; looking at scale, size and repetition to build anti narratives and fragmented space closer to that of their particular body experience.

About the artist:
Steven Whalley is a MFA candidate at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. He lives and works in Toronto. His work investigates unfinished gestures and vague spaces as places and artifacts of processing; translating moments through images constructed by internal dialogue and external environments. Through the work he aims to further articulate an index of altered sensory experiences that map perspective in practice, using forms, artifacts and landmarks from daily routines and past experiences that focus on and process otherwise obscure experiential moments.


Office Hours: Weekdays 10:00 - 17:00
416.603.6564      Fax: 416.603.6566
76 Geary Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6H 2B5 Canada
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