Jonathan Elliott Residency

imagineNATIVE & CSV Resident 2018

imagineNATIVE and Charles Street Video (CSV) are pleased to announce that filmmaker Jonathan Elliott has been selected for the 8th Annual CSV/imagineNATIVE Residency.

This residency was developed to offer a mid-career or established Indigenous artist the opportunity to expand their practice and to experiment with the latest video technologies in the creation of a new short video work.

Through the residency, Jonathan will have the opportunity to create a new short work (5-10 mins) to premiere at the 2018 imagineNATIVE Festival. After the festival, Jonathan will also have the opportunity to deliver a workshop/artist talk to CSV and imagineNATIVE members to detail his work and creative process.

Water Drum is a short film about loss, grief and the power of family. The story follows Jolene, an impoverished Tuscarora woman raising her young son David in the wake of her teenage daughters disappearance.

Jonathan Elliott is a Tuscarora filmmaker from the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario. Since receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from York University’s film production program, he has worked as a Director, Cinematographer and Editor on a variety of projects, including: Wild Archaeology (an APTN tv series), Glitch (multiple film festival selected short-film), Blood Child (horror feature-film premiered at Blood in the Snow film festival), Teens 101 (an upcoming City TV series), and Two Wolves (multiple film festival selected short-film). Jonathan’s recent short film, This Wild Season, premiered at ImagineNative’s 2017 festival and is continuing a successful run on the festival circuit. Jonathan’s previous work has been to various film festivals internationally in Italy, Germany, the United States and Canada. Currently, he is completing work on his new short film, Hear and Seek. He is a co-founder, producer, and creative director of Toronto-based production company, Paper Frame Pictures.


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