Consent to Enter

Consent to Enter is a public education campaign posing the question, "What is a world with consent?” The project mobilizes the creative authorship of peer workers from Sistering, a multi-service organization in Toronto for adult women who are affected by poverty, marginalization and social isolation. From September 2017 - February 2018 a cohort of 8 women peer workers authored a series of photo-based media about problems of consent, focused on stigma & labeling, victimization, and lack of public safety. Consent to Enter will mobilize this artwork through an interactive public art intallation that instigates public audiences to consider what they can do to create a world with consent.

Charles Street Video will partner with Sistering on the the Consent to Enter campaign to provide digital media post-production support and by hosting a workshop for Sistering peer workers, focused on photoshop and photo composition editing. The workshop will be led by Consent to Enter Creative Director Erin Howley.

Funding for Consent to Enter was provided to Sistering by OAC Creative Engagement Fund and Toronto Arts Council. Consent to Enter is part of the “It’s Never OK Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment”, an initiative of the Ontario Ministry of the Status of Women.


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