An Auditory Exploration of Migration and Displacement

In partnership with The Dabke Collective through our MakerSpace platform, Soundtography will be running from our classroom space for 12 weeks!

Soundtography is a collaborative artistic project using sound imprints to map out the migration and displacement journey of a group of Toronto based artists who self-identify as women. We will be mapping out these journeys through a series of 10 collaborative, reflective and meditative workshops.
Being displaced and/or migrating as adults carries the notion of uprootedness. Transplanting our roots into a foreign soil is a difficult process, given that we have already established them in a different soil. We find ourselves in a contradictory state; wanting to belong but fearing we will be untethered from our cultures in the process. In a sense Soundtography is not only an exploration of this journey and the transformation it brings, but also an attempt at reconciling these two concepts that seem in rivalry. Soundtography is meant to be a force of resistance against the violent imposition that our cartographic history and trajectory impose upon us.


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