Robert Lee Retrospective

Curated by Milada Kovacova

A man married a two-headed lady from the circus and went home to tell his family. His mother asked, “Is she pretty?” and the man answered, “Yes and no.”

Images 2005 Canadian Spotlight focuses on Toronto video artist Robert Lee. As artist in residence at Charles Street Video, Lee has recently re-edited or remade much of his existing work, resulting in a program that is at once a retrospective and a collection of world premieres. Revealed in six videos spanning fifteen years, Lee’s eloquent and enigmatic monologues will connect with all connoisseurs of life’s casually encountered profundities: the weird precision of corny jokes, the interrupted daydream of a subway ride, the sour nights when “every song on the radio was the worst way I could think of to ask for what I did not yet know how not to want.”

Videos to be screened, with their original year of production, are:

Capitale de la Douleur (2001)
AK47 (2000)
Minima Moralia (1998)
Grand Guignol (1995)
Myopia (1993)
Incidence of Storage Space (1990)


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