360° Video Projection Cylinder Project

A 360° Video Projection Cylinder is a modern variation on an ancient form of presentation, the cyclorama, which began with paintings that completely surrounded the viewer, then photographs and now video. 360° VPCs are an alternative to VR headsets. A VPC allows multiple people to share an immersive visual experience. And, VPCs don’t have the hygiene issues of sharing headsets in a gallery.  Artists William Perry and Ilze Briede are builiding and prototyping this cylinder in the CSV gallery.

About the Artists

Ilze Briede (artist name Kavi): Toronto based digital media artist and a creative specializing in video projection and installation art. For Kavi video projection is a hybrid between machine-made data and physical encounter in the form of light, occupying a unique durational moment in the space amongst the human subject and the material object. Kavi is interested in projected light as a means to influence our visual perception models, resulting in newly defined and reimagined realities. Besides working as an educator and workshop instructor, Kavi also creates time-based installation pieces, does live VJing for electronic music events and enjoys collaborative projects. She has previously worked with Fashion Art Toronto, Kensington Market Art Faire, Toronto Burlesque Festival, Toronto Sidewalklabs, and multiple music venues across Toronto. Kavi is a recent graduate from York University with an MFA degree in Visual Arts.

Bill Perry 
pioneering documentary photographer, prolific videotex artist and independent (print) publisher. Bill Perry is the founder or co-founder of numerous art organizations/projects including Starside Softworks, Telidon at Trinity Square Video, Toronto Community Videotex (aka Inter/Access), Videopage, Wm. Perry: Digital Text Services, Meaford Business News, The Colour Workshop, Meaford Dollars, Comedia, The Copy Chai and The Friday Cafe. Bill has published several books, including the best-selling “Be Nice In 60 Languages” and the better selling “Be Rude In 60 Languages”.


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