Full Circle Workshops

an online 4-week workshop that explores loop-making with 16mm film.

Charles Street Video and Pix Film Gallery are collaborating to host Full Circle, an online 4-week workshop (1 session a week) that explores loop-making with 16mm film. Through the creative process, participants are invited to contemplate the "anniversary" of the initial lockdowns of March 2020, using analogue materials to reflect on our current era of digital gatherings and communication. The workshop will culminate in a group exhibition using projectors and monitors to display the works and their soundscapes from inside TMAC's window space out to the public. Participants will receive an honorarium for exhibiting their work.

A package of art materials will be sent to participants so they can work at home. The first two sessions will focus primarily on experimentation with the film material (including explorations of the physical structure of 16mm film, introductions on how to make simple animations with painted imagery, and working with found footage), and creating soundscapes. The last two sessions will be dedicated to curating and preparing the group exhibition at TMAC.

This workshop is an introduction to free and elementary forms of film abstraction, and is open to emerging media artists, sound artists, and filmmakers interested in experimenting on film within a collaborative experience. Basic editing skills are ideal but not required.

The Full Circle facilitators are Madi Piller and Alexandra Gelis of the Pix Film Collective.

Andrea Holstein | Amanda Wong | Cindy Tibizarwa | Freia de Waal | Jacklyn Osadebamwen | Lucia Linares | Seungwoo Baek


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