Bill Perry Residency

A MakerSpace Project


Bill Perry will be testing his 360° Video Projection Cylinder, enabling 360° projection with still images. By this process inviting, encouraging, facilitating, and demonstrating 360° photo projection at CSV, for members interested in the same or more complicated, full motion, audio/video, 360° video projection.

Bill Perry's first substantive artform was photo essays. In 1974, during his freshman year in fine arts at York University, the Ontario Arts Council funded his “Photographic Documentary of Hard to Adopt Children in CAS Group Homes”. The same year, he also shot one of the first 360 photos in Canada, called “The Woman In The Window” from the roof of the Church of the Holy Triinity, surrounded today by the Eaton Centre.

In the early 80s, Bill became Canada's most prolific Telidon “videotex” artist. He created a pre-web, online, electronic magazine called “Computerese: The Electronic Media Magazine”, which reached 1000+ homes and businesses in Quebec and Ontario, from 1981 to 1985. Highlights of his electronic publishing include "ART vs Art", "Pictures of Democracy" and "Videopage" along with many sites he created for artist run organizations such as TSV, The Funnel, ARC and others. Over the years he founded numerous art organizations and projects such as Starside Softworks, Telidon at Trinity Square Video, Toronto Community Videotex, Videopage, The Colour Workshop, Comedia, The Copy Chai and The Friday Cafe. In 1987 Bill left electronic publishing, Toronto and art to open a photocopy/fax storefront in Meaford, Ontario, named "Wm. Perry: Digital Text Service". The business evolved into a printing company and then an independent publisher. Print publications include the best selling "Be Nice In 60 Languages" and the better selling "Be Rude In 60 Languages.


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