Kim Ninkuru Residency, 2021-2023

Digital Now Project

For the past year, CSV has been working with Kim Ninkuru to produce the work, These Are My Reparations, which will be presented in the winter, 2023. 

Conceptualized by Kim Ninkuru, These Are My Reparations is a sci-fi*, multi-media installation that directly addresses the way in which Black feminine bodies are taken, used and distorted for mass consumption. The work uses a hybrid of video projection, sculpture, sound, and online interactive media to tell the story of Honey, a Black woman who is abducted by “The Company” (WT), a corporate entity built to reproduce sound and visual content for the purposes of social control. Set in a future where live entertainment has ceased to exist, Honey is forced to sell her image and music to be used by an AI robot named RadioHead, which is accessed by the rich elite.

Charles Street Video has partnered with:

Wildseed Center for Art and Activism

XSpace Cultural Center and Interaccess

for the presentation of this multi-site project.

This project was made with the assistance of Strategic Initiative funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.


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