Noelle Perdue Streaming Residency

We are excited to welcome Noelle Perdue who was selected to participate in our first ever Streaming Residency. The purpose of this residency is to explore live streaming as an artistic medium.

Noelle’s Artist Statement

With video editing software becoming easier and cheaper by the day, why does streaming still pervade almost every social media platform available? In this residency, I’ll be analyzing the history of streaming technology, its current uses, and the media surrounding it to try and identify what specific desire live video caters to. While streaming the process, I’ll incorporate “gamification” elements to try and push these desires and impulses to their limits. I will also be exploring the one-sided and often parasocial nature of streamer/viewer relationships and developing tools that can be used to create genuine intimacy- or to find out if reciprocal intimacy is even desired- between the producer and consumer.

Noelle Perdue is a writer, artist, Internet porn historian, and near-mint condition collector’s item. From moderation to artificial intelligence, she believes that understanding the uncomfortable, intimate and even (or especially) the sordid aspects of our digital history is necessary to influence our collective future. Her work exploring digital intimacies and the blurry borders of obscenity can be found on Wired, Washington Post, Pornhub, Slate, Brazzers, et al.

This residency is funded through the Digital Skills for Youth program administered by the Independent Media Arts Alliance.


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