Moonquake - Residency/Performances

with Laura Margaret Ramsey and Dan Tapper

Performance Dates:

Snow Moon - February 24, 2024

Worm Moon - March 25, 2024

Solar Eclipse - April 8th, 2024

Pink Moon - April 23, 2024

Moonquake is an installation/experience mapping realtime, historical and imagined seismic data from the moon. We explore the ethereal resonance of moonquakes, transporting visitors to the lunar surface where the very fabric of our moon's existence is revealed through data sonification. Vibrations of light and sound act as an interface for the audience to sense our nearest and only satellite in a unique and intimate way. We propose three evolving installation events that coincide with the full moon, supported by one workshop. The first stage, January 25 (wolf moon), will be the ‘Grounding’ introduction to the series, involving simple sine tone vibrations and audio installation. On February 24 (snow moon), the ‘Moonquake’ work evolves to a more complex audiovisual experience. The last installation ‘Moonbounce’ will be a collaborative one, and will take place on March 25 (worm moon). Between installations we propose an introduction to data and spatial sound workshop. Participants in the workshop will be invited to showcase their own audio/visual work during the March 25 installation. Each of these events will engage with the moon using different methods of data collection, processing and dissemination and will act as hybrid physical/digital spaces for meditation and reflection on the fragility of our own terrestrial existence. Moonquakes are a fascinating cosmic phenomenon. Through the medium of sound we traverse the void, bridging the gap between our earthly realm and the celestial frontier.

About the Artists:
L. M. Ramsey is a Toronto-based media archivist and imaging specialist. Her artistic practice employs data sonification/visualisation, and is informed by archival structures, computational ecosystems, and the ethical considerations of humans, non-human animals, plants and machines. She has an MA from Toronto Metropolitan University and a BDes from The Alberta University of the Arts. In 2023, Ramsey co-curated the second edition of Fragments of Sonic Extinction, a sound-based art festival with live performances, workshops and an exhibition in Munich, Germany. She has recently exhibited at Rosa Stern Space (Munich), Zirka Space (Munich), Critical Distance Gallery (Toronto), and InterAccess (Toronto). Her sound-based works have been shared on several radio waves including BBC6, Radio Amnion, 3FACH Swiss Radio, WGXC, Radio 80K, CJSW 90.9, and was recently included in the XVII International Tsonami Soundart Festival 2023.

Dan Tapper is an artist and creative technologist interested in the intersection between information and experience. His work focuses on the unseen and unheard, using radio and imaging technologies to capture the sounds of the earth’s ionosphere, map supernovas, and capture microscopic worlds. By utilising elements of conceptual art and science in his work, Tapper draws attention to the unperceived wonders that surround us and the poetry that can be found in data.


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