Avondale Alternative School

Video Program 2006

For almost 30 years Avondale has offered an alternative style of secondary education in the public system to students throughout Toronto. Avondale is a small, safe, family-like school with an intimate and personal environment. At Avondale, students learn in a small, rigorous academic setting where close working relationships with staff and students are valued and celebrated. Success at Avondale requires students to develop strong study habits, self-discipline and increasingly independent learning skills as they move from grade nine to graduation.

For the third year, Aleesa Cohene (In House Editor at Charles Street Video) is teaching a video arts course to senior students. Students are learning about various aspects of video conceptualization and making, which leads to their writing, directing, shooting and editing their own video. The post production section of the course is taking place at Charles Street Video where students are learning introductory skills of editing with Avid XpressDV using the Satellite CSV equipment.


Avondale Alternative School Brochure

Office Hours: Weekdays 10:00 - 17:00
416.603.6564      Fax: 416.603.6566
76 Geary Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6H 2B5 Canada
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