Aural Cultures

Charles Street Video is excited to welcome the following Aural Cultures Residents:
  • Lewis Kaye
  • Eimer Birkbeck
  • Kevin Ei-ichi deForest
  • Dave Dyment
  • Marla Hlady
  • Don Simmons
Aural Cultures is a sound residency hosted by CSV and curated by Jim Drobnick. Residents are exploring questions such as: How can sound embody or critique cultural values? In what ways are notions of identity and community sonically constructed? To what degree are the definitions of noise and harmony political? and How can conventions of listening be interrogated or reconceived?
Project Descriptions:

Lewis Kaye: BEFORE AND AFTER  This work will utilise source recordings of the sounds prior to and just after several musical performances. This material will be used as the harmonic foundation for an electronically realised sonic work. Central to BEFORE AND AFTER is the recognition of the centrality of the musical concert as an organizing principle central to human sociality.

Eimer Birkbeck: TWILIGHT  An audio composition capturing the communications and interactions of people at work and people at play in the city and the convergence of sound cultures in the indeterminate space of dawn. TWILIGHT is being formed through an elaborate montage of sounds sourced from the streets of Toronto, Paris, Marseilles, and Glasgow. In the twilight hours of the city, the everyday street is stripped of its functionality. Almost unconsciously, we are able to give undevided attention to the stirring of significant nothings.

Kevin Ei-ichi deForest: THE HYBRID MIX
  Working with an approach similar to that of a dance music DJ, THE HYBRID MIX consists of pre-recorded music. As a metaphor for cultural metissage, the work will use seemingly disparate music and sound elements to provide in its offspring a new mutation of genres.

Dave Dyment: I ME MIN  Every occurence of the word "I" from the Beatles' commercially released recordings is compiled and played back consecutively. What begins sounding like an investigation into narcissism soon becomes a study of variation in pitch, cadence, inflection, duration, volume, and rhythm. In many early examples from the catalogue the word "I" is sung in harmony, with up to four voices singing the singular first person.

Marla Hlady: untitled  Modeled on a recent sound sculpture, "She Moves Throught the Fair (Pipe Whistle)", this sound piece explores architecturally scaled resonant chambers recorded consecutively and connected through one rhythm/melody made continuous even when the ambient signature changes. This project pays particular attention to the sound being produced in order to hear the distinctness of each space and how each space changes one's perception of the music that the artist performs in it.

Don Simmons: untitled
Collecting a large inventory of sounds from international films, the artist is collaging together a musical audio work that reflects on a sentimental nostalgia of beautiful breakdown. Using films made in Russia, France, France, Italy, India, Japan, and other places, the artist will appreciate from the musical soundtracks and cues that are used to simulate emotional impact. As well, quotes from these languages will appear and disappear throughout the piece. All of these subtexts will be reflecting on contemporary nomadic living, and the problematic relationship it has to media in making everything the same.


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