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Youth Documentary Project

The YDocs project is a program where youth get the opportunity to work alongside filmmakers, their peers, as well as a mentor to create a documentary on a social issue they feel passionately about.

YDocs provides youth with basic video-making skills, and helps them apply these skills to an issue dealing with the environment, social issue, and identity.

Local youth from high schools around Toronto are invited to submit an application of a project they would like to create. Based on these submissions, seven diverse students are chosen to participate.

The program offers five distinct workshops, held by local filmmakers as well as leaders in the community. The intention is to create an environment of social awareness and detail contemporary film and video production in Toronto.

The participants are then coupled with a mentor-a young filmmaker or film student-to brainstorm and plan for their production. They are given one week to shoot and one week to edit. At the end of the program, a soiree and screening is held to show the completed pieces. Participants are also assisted in entering their films into film festivals.

This year's summer youth project will be facilitated by Chelsea McMullan and Chris Sanchez, both film students at York University.

Charles Street Video is providing all the production and post-production facilities and Avid training for the Y Docs project.

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