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Reel Asian So You Think you Can Pitch Emerging Artist 2013

Little Miss Jihad began as a script assignment in film school at York University years ago.

It was well received by my screenwriting class and professor. However, I never had the opportunity to make this film then, and I always regretted that. I never lost the desire to make this film and I finally got the opportunity to do so when it won the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival’s annual pitch competition in 2011.

With additional support from Charles Street Video, the Ontario Arts Council, and crowdfunding sponsors, we completed production in 2012 and were proudly able to provide honorariums to all our cast and crew.

Inspiration for the film comes out of my own memories of 9/11: where I was when I found out about the attacks – having school photos taken – and that clear loss of innocence. I really had no idea what terrorism meant before that day and so, in many ways, the main character’s naïveté reflects my own.

That act of terrorism forever shaped my worldview and affected the way our society views and stereotypes people of certain ethnicities. This film is meant as a response to that unjust representation.”



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Stephanie Law

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