Celeste Koon Residency

So You Think you Can Pitch Emerging Artist 2015

Working in children's media and entertainment has always been Celeste's dream. She has a vivid imagination and a creative outlook on the world, which she brings to her work. Celeste has written, directed and designed two independently produced children's shorts: Paper Princes, Gypsies, and the Boy With No Return Address (2009) and The Intergalactic Space Adventures of Cleo and Anouk (2012). Both films played at numerous international film festivals across the globe. In 2013, Celeste wrote, directed and designed two segments for Season 44 of PBS's Sesame Street: 'A' is for Adventure and 'O' is for Ocean. Celeste also has five years of experience working on various industry television and film productions in the art department and recently worked with Radical Sheep Productions developing children and youth properties, while at the same time writing 44 scripts for their preschool show Can You Imagine That.

November 10th 2014, Celeste won the Charles Street Video/Reel Asian International Film Festival's 'So You Think You Can Pitch - Emerging Filmmaker' prize and will be shooting her new short, The Ghost of Granpa Tong, early 2015!!



The Ghost of Grandpa Tong

In Production at CSV The Ghost of Grandpa Tong brings a new spin to the Canadian multi-ethnic ‘identity’ story in the form of a humorous ghost story about a stubborn old Chinese man who returns as a ghost that can only be seen by Zoe, his granddaughter’s halfie English speaking best friend.

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