Unsung Voice 4

Fearless first time filmmakers make their return in the 2015 edition of Unsung Voices.

Ayano In The Forest
Ammar Keshodia* | Canada 2015 | 8:00

A young woman awakens in the forest, confronted by a stranger. Can he help her find out how she got there?

Originally from Pakistan, Ammar Keshodia is a Political Science graduate from the University of Toronto.

Teaching Taboo: Sex Ed and the South Asian Diaspora
Lakshya Dhungana* | Canada 2015 | 10:00

In 2015, Ontario proposed changes to its sex education curriculum for the first time in years. Teaching Taboo looks at the issue from inside the South Asian community.

Lakshya Dhungana graduated from the International Development Studies Program at U of T, and is involved with the Toronto Nepali Film Festival.

Melissa Tran* | Canada 2015 | 6:00

Sometimes life feels like all preparation and no action, but what would that actually look like?

Melissa Tran is a fourth year high school student in Toronto.

Door To Door
Bruce Ravichandran* | Canada 2015 9:00

The sort-of true-life story of two bumbling door-to-door sales men who must train a pair of newbies, or else lose their jobs.

Bruce Ravichandran was named after Bruce Lee and loves action movies.

Adult Children
Camille Bertrand-Morel*, Veronica Tsui*, Natalie Yiu* | Canada 2015 | 3:00

A daughter’s relationship with her father is strained when he can’t let go of work in this short animated film.

Camille Bertrand-Morel, Veronica Tsui, and Natalie Yiu are students at Seneca College, currently in their first and second years.

I’m Afraid Of You Leaving
Iris Ni* | Canada 2015 | 10:00

Two cousins left alone in a Chi- nese megacity deal with their feelings of abandonment.

Iris Ni is a graduate of University of Windsor and writes for stage and online.

Anthony Tran* | Canada 2015 | 2:00

A young queer Asian Canadian woman navigates her multiple identities in this delightful stop-motion animation.

Anthony Tran is a Toronto-based young queer artist and muse to the Gods.

Liquid Beings
Seden Lai* | Canada 2015 | 9:00

He wakes up. He doesn’t know who He is. He creates Her. But who created Them?

Seden Lai is a recent graduate of OCAD, and is interested in understanding the world through spaces, objects, sounds, and experiences.


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