Unsung Voices 6

CSV is proud to be partnering with Reel Asian on their annual youth video production program.

World Premiere: Monday November 13, 2017 @ 9:00 pm | TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 3

The Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival’s Unsung Voices: Youth Video Production Workshop provides young Asian Canadians with a keen interest in film the necessary skills to express themselves as artists, learn from professionals in the field, and to produce a distinctly Asian Canadian story.

Charles Street Video is proud to be partnering on this annual program, providing equipment, workshop space, and post-production resources. 

We look forward to seeing these fearless first-time filmmakers' debut on the big screen!

Amy Thind • Canada  • 07:00 • Punjabi and English
This short documentary follows the Sikh Motorcycle Club’s fight to change helmet laws in Ontario to allow them to wear their turbans.
Amy Thind is an arts administrator specializing in fundraising and development, who hopes to continue making documentaries that explore topics of cultural identity.
Kashaf Mansoor • Canada  • 08:00 • English and Urdu
An exasperated soon to be college student, Zoya struggles to confess a secret that goes against her overbearing parents wishes, on the longest car trip of their lives.
Growing up on a steady diet of Hindi cinema, Kashaf Mansoor is in awe of the universe films can create. As a Pakistani Canadian filmmaker, she hopes to share stories that represent a different and honest view of the world.
Natalie Torres • Canada  • 05:00 • English
An abstract piece about the emotions felt when taking a risk. It follows two parallel stories, one changing career paths from a stable and secure job to an artistic and unpredictable one and the other of one on the brink of coming out as transgender.
Natalie Torres studied Cinema and Media at York University in 2014. Mainly studying theory and history, she eventually found a love for editing which resulted in deciding to freelance edit on the side. Since then, that love grew into a passion to excel more to not only editing but to create in all aspects of cinema and filmmaking.

Prajjwal Rajawat • Canada  • 08:40• English
A 17 year old struggles between accepting his cultural identity or changing it to fit conventional ideas of beauty.
Prajjwal Rajawat attended York University for 2 years, majoring in Space Science before he decided to pursue a career in film. He wishes to one day be able to travel the world while making films along the way. 

Sonia Pang • Canada  • 10:00 • English
Fusion is a micro-documentary featuring two of the iconic figures in the fusion food scene in Toronto: Susur Lee, the pioneer of fusion cuisine in Toronto and often known as the Father of Fusion. He is also the owner of Lee Restaurant, Fring’s, Luckee and Lee Kitchen; Eric Chong, the winner of the first Canada’s MasterChef. He is also the co-owner of R&D Restaurant, which is known for innovative modern Chinese cooking. The film explores both chefs’ personal stories, as well as them and their peers’ opinions on fusion cuisine in Toronto.
Sonia Pang is a graduate of the University of Toronto who is passionate about film and technology. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures. Unsung Voices will be her first film debut exploring concepts of food culture, identity, and community in the multicultural Toronto.

Teresa Auntora Gomes • Canada  • 10:00 • English
In July 2017, Bangladeshi-Canadian activists organized a rally in Toronto to protest against the construction of a coal power plant next to the Sundarbans, Bangladesh’s mangrove forest and one of the natural wonders in the world. Through various mediums and personal narratives, five activists express what motivates them to advocate for the protection of a physical environment they no longer reside in. Ultimately, this documentary follows the footprints of a unique diaspora, in which a sense of home is uncovered.
Teresa Auntora Gomes is a womyn of colour with Bangladeshi roots and recent graduate from the University of Toronto. She hopes to create films that exhibit intersections of social justice issues and personal narratives.

Warren Kang • Canada  • 09:40 • English
A desultory young man struggles to accept his addiction and is forced to reflect on his desires and self-identity .
Warren Kang is an emerging multidisciplinary artist and student of Theatre & Film Studies at McMaster University. His work encompasses the fields of performance, production design and management, photography, and video. He is especially intrigued by visceral, experimental and postmodernist work.  He would love to continue developing projects that engage audiences in reflecting upon themselves and society.


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