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Meeting + Screening

100 Immortals Installation w Cui Jin-zhe

A contemplative public engagement project

Wed 21 June 2017
6:30 - 9:30 pm

As part of our Maker Space initiative we are pleased to host Cui Jin-zhe and her 100 Immortals project. You can get free tickets to this event here:

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Artist Statement

‘100 Immortals’ is a metaphor for each individual’s different physiognomy, the nature of who they are as complete and perfect individuals.

My goal is to offer a space to inspire people to be present and fully aware at ‘this moment,' to experience their insight while sitting on a meditation seat in a space that presents flowing images of '100 Immortals' as both an outward and inward focus. The installation creates an environment that may contain one or many individuals in complete harmony.

The 100 Immortals are created with ink and pen on long scroll rice paper, and made into a video loop with each Immortal displayed at 15-minute intervals. The drawings are inspired from the presence I feel during my routine, daily Zen practice. Each immortal reflects one kind of spiritual realm.

The audience need not sit still on the cushions; the only requirement is to remain quiet so as to allow others to be silent in the space. Some may meditate, some may casually sit or lie down on their cushion. Children might walk, or run around. I would like this project to be both playful and challenging.

This project is inspired by my residency at Zen Mountain Monastery in New York State, in August, 2014. The experience influenced me fundamentally and deeply, as a professional artist and as a universal being.


Cui Jin-zhe was born and raised in Dalian, China. She has been living and working in Canada since 2009. She focuses her art practice on reflecting the experience or realization of her spiritual practice through daily rituals and everyday-life experience. Most of Jin-zhe's projects are drawings, drawing-based installations and public engagement actions.


100 Immortals is made possible in its creation and touring thanks to abundant support from the Independent Artist Program funded by the Saskatchewan Arts Board 'Culture on the Go' Tour Program, funded by the Government of Saskatchewan. Many thanks to the Charles Street Video team for hosting and inspiring 100 Immortals.

Artist Website: cuijinzhe.com

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