Video Variables

On May 21 and 22, 2005, Video Variables provided participants with a hands-on opportunity to learn about digital video production and contemporary art.

Video Variables was inspired by The Power Plant’s Dedicated to You, But You Weren’t Listening, an exhibition of collaborative works that explore definitions of artistic authorship. Playing with similar creative strategies, workshop participants collaborated in the production of short videos. After gathering footage in and around the gallery, participants edited their work from the collected library of images. Different versions of the shared footage revealed similarities and differences in thinking and seeing. In this way, ideas about artistic authorship, collaborative production and cultural sampling were all considered.

Participants were directly involved in all aspects of production - establishing artistic themes, shooting footage and editing original video material. Skilled instruction in all areas were be provided.

The workshop consisted of:
- a critical examination of The Power Plant’s exhibition Dedicated to You, But You Weren’t Listening
- a session devoted to learning the ins and outs of digital videography, including hands-on instruction in video camera use
- a day of shooting to collect video footage
- a workshop in basic video editing at Charles Street Video
- a daylong session where participants will use a variety of creative techniques to edit their collected video footage

The aim of the workshop was to introduce participants to artistic practices in contemporary art as well as familiarize them with both the technical elements of producing a successful video work. The participants thoroughly enjoyed working with this emerging and accessible technology in innovative and creative ways.

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